SocialEngine & NGINX Integration

Do you have a dedicated Server? Would you like Social Engine to be faster? Why not install NGINX follow this Guide to integrate SocialEngine 4 + NGINX + FastCGI PHP5 + CentOS 5.4
Migrating your SocialEngine install from APACHE to NGINX

socialengine + nginx
Packages provided by

Step # 1: Enable EPEL repo

NGINX is not included in the base system. Turn on

EPEL repo to install NGINX stable release:

Login to your server as root from ssh

for 32bit System

for 64bit System

List new repo:

Step # 2: Install NGINX + FastCGI PHP5

Type the following command at a shell prompt:

Sample output:


Step # 4: Migrating your SocialEngine install from APACHE to NGINX

Assuming your system installation is based on WHM/CPanel

is where you SocialEngine is installed

Step # 5: That’s it!

Hope this has helped you


  1. thx’s about your tuto, i’m like it.

  2. whether it can be applied to CentOS 6.??

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