SocialEngine 4 (SE4) System Requirements

SocialEngine 4 (SE4) base on Zend Framework with a lot of other frameworks and libraries, let ‘s look at what SocialEngine System require to work well.┬áIf you are on way to set up a server for SocialEngine 4 you will need to make sure these requirements

SocialEngine System Requirements

1. SocialEngine Hardware System Requirements

This will belong to the traffic and resource of your site but base on our experience, you will need these things for at least the development version work smooth.

  • CPU 1GHz
  • RAM 1GB

2. SocialEngine Software System Requirements

These system requirements are published and required by SocialEngine Official Team


  • Apache-based shared web server
  • Apache mod_rewrite (only for Apache v2.0.29 or below)
  • MySQL 4.1
  • PHP 5.12
  • PHP configuration options
    • magic_quotes_gpc=Off
    • safe_mode=Off
  • PHP extensions
    • gd2(image processing)
    • curl(fetching URLs)
  • PHP memory limit: 32M+
  • Sendmail


  • Apache-based VPS or dedicated web server
  • PHP 5.26 or newer
  • MySQL 5.0 or newer
  • crontab


  • memcached (speed boost)
  • PHP extensions:
      • apc(speed boost)
      • bcmath(speed boost)
      • dom(required for RSS feeds and link previews)
      • hash OR mhash(required for Amazon S3 support)
      • iconv(required for non-English support)
      • json(speed boost)
      • mbstring(required for non-English support)
      • mysqli OR pdo_mysql(more reliable SQL support)
  • Apache mod_rewrite (for SEO-friendly URLs)

If you buy the hosting, the question is how we can make sure the hosting meet these system requirements. Just contact them and you will get their response about that to make sure.


  1. I has just bought a hosting, how I can check if my hosting match with the server requirements? Thanks

  2. Do you have any script or something easy to check the server configuration? Or at least do you know what hosting company match all of these things?

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