SE4 and YouTube API

This article will guide you through the setup of the new API system for Youtube to enable it to work once again on your site.

Google’s recent upgrade to YouTube API v3.0 introduces a requirement for an API key. SocialEngine PHP was built using YouTube’s API v2.0, which was recently depreciated. As part of our update to comply with v3.0, you will now need to include an API key for YouTube in your admin panel in order to continue posting YouTube videos on your site.

youtube api

But before we can do that, you’ll need to acquire the key itself from Google.

Step One: Get set up on the Google Developer Console

If you don’t have one already, create a Google account

Now that you have an account, go to the Developer Console

You’ll need to create a new project in your Developer Console to interact with your site. Click the Create a Project button on the left. Name it something that corresponds to your site (your site name is a good choice!)

Step Two: Obtain authorization credentials and generate the key

Great! You have a new Google project that represents your site. Now you need to give it authorization to use the

YouTube API (which is disabled by default). In order to enable the YouTube API, follow these steps:

In your project, along the left you should see a sidebar. Click on APIs & Auth, then select API

You should see a collection of Google apps with their available APIs listed. Look for YouTube at the end and click on

YouTube Data API

Click the blue Enable API button

Now look at the left sidebar again. Under APIs & Auth, click Credentials.

Click the blue Create New Key button

On the popup that appears, be sure to select Server Key

Note: You will now be prompted to enter any specific requesting IP addresses. Leave this field blank (do not enter any IP addresses), otherwise your key will throw errors.

Click Create

You should now see your API key listed on your Credentials page, as well as your activation date/address.

Step Three: Input key into admin panel

Highlight your API key and copy it to your clipboard

On your SocialEngine admin panel, go to Plugins > Video > Global Settings

Paste your key in the API field

You’re done! Try posting a YouTube video to make sure it works.

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