PHP array translation error in socialengine 4

PHP array instead of CSV file in language for socialengine is a good choice to speed up socialengine 4. To parse CSV and then convert to array will take more time, so that we will use pure PHP array to save language phrases. But we face to another issue with PHP translation error in socialengine 4.Today I will show you how to fix it, so we can get it work fast and right. Once a user has converted the language via the performance section of their Admin Panel their site seems to crash and become unresponsive unable to be access to anyone.


Let ‘s follow this instruction to fix the problem.

Go to database:

engine4_core_settings -> core.translate.adapter : and change “array” to “csv”

Click on Save

Now your site should be back to normal.

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  1. But since the array will work faster, we move from array to csv will take the performance down, right?

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