Keep update the new version of SocialEngine in July 2015

July was a month of major strides and setting us up for a really productive August.


Highlights from July

SocialEngine PHP

  • On the heels of our Ning Import script we have begun reaching out to Ning Experts for feedback and helping customers set up SocialEngine communities as a Ning alternative. If you’re interested in swathing from Ning, start here
  • PHPfox import script is being developed by a 3rd party with help from PHPfox experts
  • Lots of feedback, input and exchanges on our SocialEngine PHP 4.9 roadmap. Join the party in the bug tracker

SocialEngine Cloud

  • Comment editing is very close to being done
  • Small fixes to SocialEngine Cloud around media manager and members page, plus a big cleanup of the admin code

SocialEngine Proper

  • Finalizing release of beta/new website
  • Planned for August
  • SocialEngine Cloud
  • Launch comment editing
  • Integrate Intercom
  • Establish outreach to developers seeking a Reddit alternative

SocialEngine Brand

Stay the course and get our site launched

Work on Marketplace submission rules – our goal is to create a trusted ecosystem of plugins that are just as good as the core product

SocialEngine PHP

  • Continue community engagement with SocialEngine PHP 4.9 roadmap
  • Promote the PHPfox import script
  • Continue engagement with Ning Creator experts offering SocialEngine as a Ning alternative

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