Fix Site Broken after installing theme in SE4

Have you ever installed the Integrity theme onto your SocialEngine site?

Did you wish not to use it anymore or it just didn’t work to start with?


If so, you may be facing a major issue that does not seem to be going away no matter what theme you select. You site will not load a theme and even within your AP, nothing matches up.

This is caused via a folder of the Integrity theme which is hidden away within the system.

Even though the folder is not in the normal place you can still access it to remove the file.

How to Fix:

  • Via FTP go to application/libraries/Scaffold/modules and delete a folder called IntegrityC
  • Once this folder has been removed make sure you have another theme selected as the Integrity theme will not work.
  • Once you have selected a new theme your site should go back to normal.

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