Change Video Thumbnail Size in SocialEngine 4

Do you find your Video Thumbnail Size in SocialEngine 4 is too small? If so, follow this guide to increase the sizes of you video uploads’ thumbnails!

socialengine video thumbnail

Open \application\modules\Video\controllers\IndexController.php file. Find these lines (start at line #970):

Replace them with these lines:


Now you will get 480x360px thumbnail from Youtube instead of 120x90px. After this, you need to change the size of image which is saved on your system. Find line #241 in the same file. It should look like this:

Replace the 256, 192 with width and height you need for your thumbnail.
There is one more step. In the same file, find line #819:

It’s the same code as previous and you should put the same values as before for width and height.

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  1. Very simple and useful way to cusotmise the thumbnail of SE. Thanks

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