Best Socialengine Hosting for Fast Page Load & High Security

In this article for SocialEngine 4.x we will help you the solve the problem with the page load time and the best socialengine hosting. Yes, we are talking about the speed of and try to help you figure out the best way to make it fast.

The most problems we meet in beginning with SocialEngine come from hosting, so that if you can choose the best social engine hosting, it can save you a lot of time and money. That ‘s why we publish this article.

SocialEngine Hosting

SocialEngine(SE) 4.x base on Zend Framework. It ‘s the best social network platform (it is paid platform, not free) with all of features for us to build a perfect social network site with a lot of third party add-ons. The problem is “it ‘s too heavy”. We will not focus to why it ‘s so heavy, we only focus to how to make it fly with the top performance.

Basically, the SocialEngine Core 4.x is optimized perfect for best performance, the problem only come from the server set up and configuration. That mean if we can choose the best socialengine hosting what configure best for SocialEngine you will get the top performance easily. Here are all of requirements for the best social engine hosting.

1. What Hosting can make SocialEngine work smooth (Compatible requirements).

First of all, we need to make sure the hosting we buy what can help socialengine work smooth with all of features. It doesn’t make sense to buy a cheap hosting but it doesn’t make socialengine work.

For now, our team always get SiteGround SocialEngine Hosting package for all of our projects. If you look at this package, you will see that this package is designed for SocialEngine to make sure all of features work well. And much more features support for performance. Ok, the hosting provider must make sure they design their hosting package for socialengine before doing any other optimization step.

best socialengine hosting

Only “work” is not enough, we want our social network site work fast, safe and more … Let ‘s continue with other requirements for the best social enginehosting.

2. SocialEngine hosting tweak for top performance.

There are a lot of server configurations required to make SocialEngine work perfect. In the case the hosting company provide socialengine hosting package they should know how to configure for the best performance. We will not focus to how to configure but you should look at the detail of hosting package to know if it is designed and tweaked for social engine or not.

Look at their feature list, they will tell you the detail about what they provide and support for SocialEngine.

3. The Best Social Engine Hosting Security

Since you have a social network site for many users in community, your users will leave you soon if you don’t have the best security. Other than that, a lot of risk can make your business fail if you don’t focus to security enough. Basically, SocialEngine source have the perfect security itself. So that, you just need to choose the best socialengine hosting what guarantee for you the security from server side.

Again when you look at SiteGround socialengine hosting package, you will see these features:

  • SocialEngine Optimized Server
  • Anti-Hack Systems & Help
  • Free Daily Backup
  • SSL support


I would say the hosting provider for socialengine at least have these features for the best security. In almost situation, the backup/restore will be the last chance for us. So we can have peace in mind when hosting with them and have time to focus to our business.

4. SocialEngine Expert support

This can be considered as a hosting feature what save us a lot of time when using them, even though we are the socialengine development team, we know how to solve almost socialengine problem. But if the hosting provider can do it for us then it ‘s nice.

If you are a business man or your company don’t want to spend too much money for a dedicated guy to maintain socialengine site, you must choose the hosting package what have social expert support. It ‘s very important to make the website more trust from users since all of problems are solved in minutes.

5. The Best SocialEngine Caching solution

Dynamic cache: Social engine support full page caching itself, but almost us will use filesystem for caching. File System is slowest caching method for any website. So that you need to focus to some other advance caching solution to get it work faster. It can be memcached, redis cache, XCache …

Proxy cache: if you hear people talk about Varnish or Squid proxy cache then you got the right tips. Varnish or Squid will make your site fatest and server more users.

Well, it ‘s difficult to find a shared web hosting what support caching solution above. But luckily, the reason why our team always use SiteGround social engine hosting package because it support memcached and Varnish cache what increase the performance very much.

6. Extra features for flexible socialengine site.

Flexible upgrade: you have a new website and only get 200 visits/day, you will not know when you can get 10k or 100k/visits/day so that the hosting provider must support a bigger package what upgrade easily.

Free moving: you already have a website but you are not happy with it. The hosting provider will have a free moving service to get your website to new hosting area without downtime.

Free domain: I don’t want to write it down here, but anyway, it ‘s nice to save ~$10/year for domain free.

CDN ready support: CDN is a service what can help our website load faster in all of location on the world.

Opcode support: the opcode can make your site up to 10x for a big source code what include too many files. Opcode is one of the last step to run PHP, so that if we have opcode solution. After compile to opcode, it will save in cache and next time, it only run from opcode, don’t need to compile again. The option for this can be APC, Xcache, Accelerate ….

socialengine hosting features


If you meet the problem with performance then we are pretty sure that you meet problem come from server/hosting configuration. For the best socialengine hosting, it ‘s quite easy to get it fast for some thousand visits/day.

All of features above only requirements of hosting to get social engine work best for top performance, the last thing is still come with configuration in back end of social engine. But it should be easy. So you only need to keep all of features above for a social engine hosting, then we can make sure it will work very fast.

Some years now, our team only use SiteGround socialengine hosting package because they are only one on the world support advance caching solution in shared hosting with supercacher, and of course they meet very well with all of other requirements.

Welcome your comments to make the article more useful. Thanks


  1. Thanks for a very detail instruction and tutorial, you guy ‘s really an expert in this field. Do you provide the development service?

  2. It save me a lot of time to figure out the good option for my SE site. Thanks author

  3. I actually found your article is really helpful. But I am in a bad situation with my socialengine site about minify and I am on way don’t know how to do and don’t know the reason.

    – Some weeks ago, the minify action work really well. It combine all of js/css and send to browser only one file what make the site faster a lot.
    – But now it show the error in minify what I have nothing to do in minify engine. I have to disable the function

    The question is:

    – Where is the problem? Code or hosting
    – What I need to do to get out of this?

    Thanks a lot

    • man, I met the same issue like you. I am pretty sure that your js/css file is not good for minify so that let ‘s just combine only. Don’t compress them then it should work fine and fast enough

    • Kaipa, it ‘s the code problem. Almost hosting work the same with minify features. The reason come from hosting will make your site doesn’t work (not work wrong). If the reason come from hosting, you can detect by access the css/js file directly and it doesn’t show the file then the reason come from hosting.

      In your case, I am sure something wrong with css/js code. And yes, you can try to combine only, no need to compress.

  4. I see you tell me about “6. Extra features for flexible socialengine site.” what include free moving. Are you sure about that? I see almost hosting company require $50 for moving site

    • Belong to how big of your site, I think almost hosting do it for free. You just need to contact supporter first then see how they say. It ‘s simple to check

    • Our list include free moving, you can feel free about that and you can ask support before buying. But if your site is too big, it will be different (of course, because they have to do more work)

  5. Does it work for SE3? I am using SE3 and it work not fast enough, I want to move to new hosting. I see you refer this hosting for SE4, but I am not sure if it work fast for SE3 or not. Thanks

  6. It ‘s cool, it ‘s really a nice social engine hosting, I am so surprise in the first time I run SE on their hosting package. I don’t think a hosting with price like that can make my SE work really good now. It ‘s cool. Maybe it ‘s a good choice for me for wordpress, joomla and vbulletin 5 too. Thanks a lot, man.

  7. It ‘s really a fast socialengine hosting package, I love to work with it in the first time I install SE on the server. That ‘s really really nice to know. Thank admin

  8. It look like SE is faster a lot after moving. I think you did a very nice job for suggesting this. Thanks a lot!

  9. If you guys can make your site faster somehow from our posts. I would love to hear from you any suggest here or send me via contact form. Thank you

  10. yea, I have to say it ‘s fast and good security until now. I has been tried more than 5 hosting companies to see your suggestion and happy with it after one month using them. I come back to leave you a comment to thank you for your post. I know you got a little commission in my refer link and order but it ‘s nice enough since I believe you ‘ve already spent a lot of time before seeing this nice option. I know how difficult and how much time and money to pay if you choose a wrong SE hosting and I am very appreciated your post. Thanks again.

  11. 10k visitors/day and it is working really fast too. It ‘s so nice to see a very good review for SE hosting. Thanks

    • So nice to hear, Toila. Actually, when you optimise the supercacher from SiteGround, it can serve even more traffic than that very much. If you meet any problem, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks

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